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Fillers services offered in Midland, TX

Dermal fillers are injectable hyaluronic acid solutions that provides fullness to lips, enhances cheek volume, smooths out lines, and contours the face. Fillers help draw moisture into the skin's tissues by plumping and easing out wrinkles in the skin. We customize the appropriate amount and solution for you, depending on the area needing rejuvenation. Book your visit today using the online scheduling page, or call to speak with our staff regarding appointment availability.

Fillers are sold by the syringe and discussed below. During your consult, our Nurse Practitioner will develop a treatment plan with you based on your needs!

We proudly offer the following Galderma Fillers:

Restylane Defyne - $700

For the Chin, Jawline, Nasolabial fold, and Marionette lines


Restylane Lyft- $700

For the Cheeks and Mid-Face


Restylane Contour - $700

For the Cheeks and Mid-Face


Restylane Kysse - $700

For Lip Enhancement


Restylane Eyelight - $500

Helps Restore Under Eye Hollows

Fillers Q & A

What causes the visible signs of aging?

Numerous factors combine to change how your skin looks over time, but one of the primary causes of visible aging is lost facial volume. Collagen production begins to slow when you reach your 20's and continues to slow as you age. 

Weight gain and loss, sun damage, and exposure to environmental pollutants can also affect how your skin looks over time. The best way to slow visible aging is by taking a multi-pronged approach that addresses all potential causes.